Crypto-Uppy Dashboards NFT Collection

Each dashboard features a summary of the price fluctuations of a major crypto currency on a single day. The dashboard shows high, low, open, close and volume, as well 24-hour chart and a second chart showing the seven-day trend.

To make the NFT a bit more fun, next to the charts, we have a Crypto Uppy animal character (bear, bull, whale, etc.) doing keep uppy with a ball carrying the logo of the crypto currency featured on the dashboard.

G Com Solutions have entered the NFT space with a long-term view of getting clients interested in NFTs and assisting clients in certain aspects of the creation of their own NFTs. However, we realise that, in the short term, any NFTs that we create will need to appeal to NFT enthusiasts who are used to collections which thrive on being original, edgy and often in deliberately bad taste.

Cryptocurrencies Used in this Project

Cryptocurrencies provide an increasingly popular alternative to credit cards for online payments. They enable secure online payments without the need for third-party intermediaries.

Altcoins and Stablecoins

In choosing which cryptocurrencies to use, we simply settled for some of the more popular ones. Naturally, Bitcoin, the market leader, was the first coin we chose. We then added a selection of popular altcoins (cryptocurrency alternatives to Bitcoin), which, like Bitcoin, are subject to extremes in price volatility.

However, we did not include any stablecoins. Stablecoins are altcoins which attempt to guarantee a stable price, regardless of market fluctuations, usually by being tied to the US dollar. Since the project involves the automated plotting of charts, stablecoins would often produce "flatline" charts.

Here is a list of the currencies used in the first Cypto-Uppy NFT release:

Shiba Inu
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