Power BI DAX What-If Parameters

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Power BI What-if Parameters by G Com Solutions is a short course which focuses on the use of disconnected parameter tables to add flexibility to your Power BI reports by allowing the user to customize the results produced by some of your key metrics.

We begin the course by discussing the use of Power BI’s built-in What-if parameter feature and analysing what it actually does behind the scenes.

One of the key limitations of Power BI’s built-in feature is that it can only be used with numeric parameters. So, the course then shows you how to extend this feature by creating and implementing your own custom parameter tables.

And we use the parameters feature as a launchpad to the creation of a sophisticated currency conversion dashboard which gives us a chance to practice other useful techniques, such as the inclusion of custom visuals in your reports, the use of DAX variables to make your formulas clearer and easier to maintain, and how to provide useful interactive feedback to your users by creating dynamic titles driven by complex DAX formulas.

So, if you’re looking to extend your knowledge of DAX and data modelling in Power BI, sign up for a for a free trial of Power BI What-if Parameters by G Com Solutions.