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  • Power BI Bookmarks Navigation Solution

    Power BI Bookmarks Navigation Solution


    In this solution, although the report contains only one actual page, it has twelve bookmarks which, effectively, provide the ability to navigate to twelve virtual pages. The report focuses on the winners of the customer services operator of the month award. Clicking on one of the buttons takes the user to a virtual page containing details of one of the winners.

  • Currency Conversion Solution

    Power BI Currency Conversion Solution


    In this solution, we use parameter tables to allow the user to control key aspects of a currency conversion dashboard. The dashboard allows the user to track the conversion rate from any one currency to another in a basket of 15 currencies, and to compare the current rate, as indicated by the date axis of…

  • Power BI Sales Pipeline Solution

    Power BI Sales Pipeline Solution


    Since this solution deals with a sales pipeline, it contains a main fact table which contains multiple significant dates as we track the progress of each lead from the contact stage right through to sales. This means that we need to use Power BI’s role playing dimensions technique. This solution will show you how to…

  • Power BI Sales Report Solution

    Power BI Sales Report Solution


    This solution contains a number of features which may be useful to both new and experienced Power BI report developers. Subscribers to our Power BI Comprehensive Introduction course receive step-by-step practice in building this sales report from the ground up. A Report Theme with Background and Logo Drillthrough Pages Hierarchies Dynamic Titles created using DAX…