Adobe Acrobat Accessibility Training Course


This one day Power BI Intermediate training course is designed for users who are already familiar with Power BI and are looking to broaden their horizons when it comes to designing reports and dashboards. This course explains how to use over 30 of the custom visuals developed by Microsoft and the Power BI developer community; and how to use them to construct interactive data narratives for their audience. This is a practical, hands-on course which demonstrates how, why and when to use each of the visuals.



This Adobe Acrobat Accessibility Training course is designed for beginners and covers: understanding Accessibility; Accessibility in pdf files; making an existing pdf file Accessible; creating an Accessible pdf file from Word; creating an Accessible pdf file from PowerPoint and Excel; and creating an Accessible pdf file from Adobe InDesign.

Understanding Accessibility

What Is Accessibility?, Accessibility Standards, Understanding The Experience Using A Screen Reader, Demonstrating The Experience Using The Jaws Pdf Reader

Accessibility In Pdf Files

Setting Up And Getting Familiar With Acrobat Dc, Determining If A Pdf Meets The Accessibility Requirements, Becoming Familiar With The Pdf Remediation Workflow, Specifying Order, Considering Contrast Between Elements, Design Considerations

Making An Existing Pdf File Accessible

Exploring Pdf Remediation, Tagging Content Using The Order Pane, Using The Tags Pane, Working With The Content Pane, Artifacting Elements, Tagging Lists, Tagging Tables, Using The Table Editor, Adding Metadata, Adding Bookmarks, Adding Alternative Text, Creating Hyperlinks, Setting Tab Order, Validating The Pdf File, Using The Make Accessible Action, Making Your Own Action

Creating An Accessible Pdf File From Word

Using Pdfmaker (Windows Only), Generating A Pdf File From Word On Mac (Mac Only), Considering Layout Options, Using Styles, Understanding Outline Levels, Working With Lists, Anchoring Images, Tagging Tables For Accessibility, Adding Hyperlinks, Creating A Table Of Contents, Inserting A Footnote, Required Touch-Ups After Conversion From Word

Creating An Accessible Pdf File From Powerpoint And Excel

Adding Metadata In Excel And Powerpoint, Powerpoint Best Practices, Setting Logical Order

Creating An Accessible Pdf File From Adobe Indesign

Generating The Pdf File, Considerations For Your Indesign Layout, Adding Appropriate Metadata In Indesign, Utilizing Indesign Styles, Taking Advantage Of Export Tagging, Controlling Tag Order Using The Articles Panel, Controlling Reflow Order, Working With Tables In Indesign, Adding Interactive Hyperlinks In Indesign, Adding Cross-References In Indesign, Creating And Tagging A Table Of Contents, Adding Alternative Text To Images And Graphics, Artifacting Objects In Indesign, Adding Pdf Bookmarks In Indesign

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