How to Use the Power Fx SubmitForm  Function in Power Apps

What is Power Fx SubmitForm?

The SubmitForm function is a Power Fx formula that is used to submit data from a form in Power Apps to a data source. It is commonly used when you want to create, update, or delete records in a database or data source. The SubmitForm function is usually used in combination with the Form control in Power Apps.

How to Use Power Fx SubmitForm?

To use the Power Fx SubmitForm function, you need to follow these steps:

1. Create a Form Control: The first step is to create a Form control in Power Apps. This control is responsible for collecting data from the user. You can customize the Form control by adding fields, labels, and other components.

2. Add Data Source: After creating the Form control, the next step is to add a data source. This data source can be a SharePoint list, Excel file, or SQL database. You can add the data source by clicking on the “Data sources” option in the left-hand menu.

3. Add Submit Button: Once you have created the Form control and added the data source, the next step is to add a Submit button. This button triggers the SubmitForm function and sends the data to the data source. You can add the Submit button by clicking on the “Insert” tab and selecting the “Button” control.

4. Write the Formula: The last step is to write the SubmitForm formula. You can do this by selecting the Submit button and clicking on the “OnSelect” option in the right-hand menu. Then, you can write the following formula:


In this formula, "Form1" is the name of the Form control that you created in step 1.

Tips for Using Power Fx SubmitForm

Here are some tips that you can follow to use the Power Fx SubmitForm function effectively:

1. Use Validations: You can use validations to prevent users from submitting invalid data. Power Apps provides various validation options such as Required, Minimum, Maximum, and Regular Expression.

2. Use Patch Function: If you want to update an existing record in the data source, you can use the Patch function instead of the SubmitForm function. The Patch function allows you to specify which fields you want to update.

3. Use Navigate Function: After submitting the data, you might want to navigate to a different screen or page. You can use the Navigate function to achieve this.

In this article, we discussed the Power Fx SubmitForm function in Power Apps. This function allows you to submit data from a form to a data source. We also discussed the steps you need to follow to use the SubmitForm function and some tips that you can follow to use it effectively. By using the SubmitForm function, you can create powerful and efficient apps in Power Apps.

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