How to Use the Power BI DAX function MINUTE

Syntax of the MINUTE Function

The syntax of the MINUTE function is as follows:


In this syntax, `❰time❱` is the time value from which you want to extract the minute component.

Example Usage of the MINUTE Function

Let's look at an example of using the MINUTE function in Power BI. Suppose you have a column named "Order Time" that contains time values. You want to extract the minute component from these time values and create a new column named "Order Minute". Here's how you can do it using the MINUTE function:

1. Create a new column named "Order Minute" using the "New Column" option from the "Modeling" tab.

2. In the formula bar, type the following formula:

Order Minute = MINUTE(‘Order Time’)

3. Press Enter to apply the formula. Power BI will extract the minute component from the "Order Time" column and display it in the "Order Minute" column.

Some Tips for Using the MINUTE Function

Here are some tips that can help you use the MINUTE function more effectively in Power BI:

1. The MINUTE function only works with time values. If you try to use it with other data types, you will get an error.

2. The MINUTE function always returns a number between 0 and 59. If the time value you are working with is invalid, the MINUTE function will return an error.

3. You can use the MINUTE function with other DAX functions to perform more complex calculations. For example, you can use the MINUTE function with the SUMX function to calculate the total number of minutes in a given column.

The MINUTE function is a powerful tool that can help you extract the minute component from a given time value. With its simple syntax and easy-to-use interface, it is an essential function for anyone working with time values in Power BI. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can use the MINUTE function more effectively and get the most out of your data visualization projects.

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