How to Use the Power BI DAX function PRICEMAT

What is the PRICEMAT Function?

The PRICEMAT function is a DAX function used to calculate the price of a security based on a specified yield. This function is commonly used in financial calculations and can be a valuable tool for analyzing financial data in Power BI.


The syntax for the PRICEMAT function is as follows:

PRICEMAT(settlement, maturity, issue, rate, yld, frequency, [basis])

Parameter | Description

— | —

Settlement | The settlement date of the security.

Maturity | The maturity date of the security.

Issue | The issue date of the security.

Rate | The annual coupon rate of the security.

Yld | The annual yield of the security.

Frequency | The number of coupon payments per year.

Basis | The day count basis to use. (optional)

How to Use the PRICEMAT Function

To use the PRICEMAT function in Power BI, follow these steps:

1. Open Power BI and create a new report.

2. Navigate to the Data tab and select the table containing the financial data you want to analyze.

3. Click on the New Measure button in the Modeling tab.

4. Name your measure and enter the following formula:

PRICEMAT([Settlement Date], [Maturity Date], [Issue Date], [Coupon Rate], [Yield], [Coupon Frequency], [Day Count Basis])

5. Replace the variables in the formula with the appropriate columns from your table.

6. Click OK to create the measure.

Once you’ve created your measure using the PRICEMAT function, you can use it in your visualizations. For example, you could create a line chart showing the price of a security over time based on its yield.

Tips for Using the PRICEMAT Function

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using the PRICEMAT function in Power BI:

– Ensure that your input data is in the correct format. The settlement, maturity, and issue dates should be in date format, while the coupon rate, yield, and frequency should be in decimal format.

– Make sure that you’re using the correct day count basis for your calculations. The default basis is 0, which represents the US (NASD) 30/360 day count basis. However, you can specify a different basis if needed.

– Use the PRICEMAT function in conjunction with other DAX functions to perform more complex financial calculations. For example, you could use the SUMX function to calculate the total value of a portfolio of securities based on their prices.

The PRICEMAT function is a powerful tool for performing financial calculations in Power BI. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can use this function to calculate the price of a security based on its yield. Remember to format your input data correctly and use the appropriate day count basis for your calculations. With the PRICEMAT function and other DAX functions, you can create sophisticated financial models and gain valuable insights into your data.

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